OneGeochemistry is an initiative for the community by the community. The OneGeochemistry initiative is a voluntary effort supported by a part time funded coordinator and relies on the involvement of the community: your involvement.

OneGeochemistry aims to become an organisation that coordinates across all geo- and cosmochemical data types, both supporting existing community standards as well as facilitating the development of new ones where needed.

Ways to get involved

Involvement has many forms. We are always keen to hear your ideas, comments and feedback on the initiative. If you have more time to contribute, consider becoming an ambassador, joining or starting an expert committee to help with the development of digital best practices. Just want to keep informed? Then join the Slack channel and/or email list.

OneGeochemistry is still developing and we want your input in designing the future of the initiative! We are planning a community workshop in mid 2024 where you can shape the future of OneGeochemistry, vote for the next governance board and perhaps even put yourself up for election. More details to follow.


Join our Slack channel for ad-hoc updates and requests from the organisation, it is an open platform where you can share ideas and suggestions. This is the place for low latency messaging and rapid sharing of resources.

Meet us at the next Conference

OneGeochemistry is represented at most of the major, international geoscience and geochemistry conferences. Find out more about the initiative and meet the current members: it is easy to get in touch with any of us there, please come over for a chat about the initiative. See the conference calendar below for upcoming events.

Contact the Coordinator

Image by Dean Norris from Pixabay

Send your questions, comments and ideas to the current OneGeochemistry secretary Alexander Prent at

Become a OneGeochemistry Ambassador

Ambassadors are envisaged as early to mid-career researchers that promote good data management following current best practices and standards. Assisted by the OneGeochemistry board members, ambassadors will spread awareness in the communities of the importance of data management in geo- and cosmochemistry, the existing landscape of data systems, and inspire new and future generations to contribute.

Get in touch at if you are interested or want to find out more.

Expert Committees

Multiple best practices and recommendations for specific data types, analytical techniques or sub-disciplines have already been defined (see Best Practices). The larger the size of the community that agrees and commits to a particular standard, the larger the community that can share and reuse data, particularly in machine-to-machine environments. OneGeochemistry provides the framework and support to harmonise and curate these existing standards through expert committees.

The task of these expert committees would be to compile and further develop standards for each distinct analytical technique or related groups of analytical methods. We suggest two types of committees:

Scientific expert committees: A group of geochemistry experts who review, harmonise and aggregate existing best practices for a specific geochemical data type and/or methodology (e.g. metadata profiles, vocabularies).

Technical expert committee: A group of information technology experts who implement the recommended best practices in machine-readable format.

Conference Calendar

Join us at an upcoming conference or browse our past events and presentations. Additional resources can also be found in our Zenodo community.

Upcoming Events
Event Date Type Name
SciDataCon 2023, Salzburg, AUT 25 Oct 2023 Session Why Persistent Identifiers and How Their Connectivity Enhances Research
AGU 2023, San Francisco, USA 11-20 Jul 2023 Session V012 - Enabling Data-driven Geochemical Research in the Era of Wide, Open, Geochemical and Cosmochemical Data Resources
Event Date Type Name Resources
IUGG 2023, Berlin, DE 11-20 Jul 2023 Poster Addressing the need for global standards for geochemical data – the OneGeochemistry initiative
Goldschmidt 2023, Lyon, FR 9-14 Jul 2023 Booth OneGeochemistry Exhibition
  Session 6m - Data science techniques (ML, data analytics) for planetary science data: exploiting legacy geochemical data and optimizing future planetary missions
  Poster Basis for geochemistry data science applications; data standardisation through the OneGeochemistry initiative
  Talk How Historically the Technological Advances in Geochemical Analysis Exceeded our Ability to Store, Curate and Globally Share Geochemical Data
EGU General Assembly 2023 23-28 Apr 2022 Town Hall OneGeochemistry: Towards a Global Network of Geochemical Data
Session Recent advances in computational petrology and geochemical data analysis
Talk The OneGeochemistry initiative as a CODATA Working Group; bringing together international geochemical data systems for easy data discovery
Poster The WorldFAIR project: enabling global interdisciplinary cooperation on integrating FAIR Data policy and practices in geochemistry with ten other disciplinary groups
AGU 2022 12-16 Dec 2022 Session V42A - Data-Driven Research in Geochemistry: Status Quo and Future Possibilities III Oral
Talk V42A-02 - OneGeochemistry: Progress on the Path toward Shared, Reusable, and Interoperable Geochemical Data
Poster V31B-01 - Challenging the Status Quo: What Databases/Data Compilations are You Using for Your Data-Driven Geochemical Research? Will they still be accessible in 2030? Are your data compilations ethical?
Talk IN13A-08 - Global Cooperation for Interdisciplinary FAIR Data Policy and Practice: The WorldFAIR Project and OneGeochemistry
Vocabulary Symposium 2022, Canberra, AUS 14-15 Nov 2022 Talk Developing Vocabularies for the International OneGeochemistry Initiative: Specifying Locally, Harmonising Globally slides
DDE Update Meeting, Paris, FR 07-Nov-22 Programme Overview
1st International Conference on FAIR Digital Objects, Leiden, NL 26-28 Oct 2022 Programme Overview
2nd FAIR Convergence Symposium, Leiden, NL 24-26 Oct 2022 Programme Overview
eResearch Australasia 2022, Brisbane, AUS 17-20 Oct 2022 Talk Contributions from the Land Down Under to the EU Horizon Funded Project “WorldFAIR”: Global Cooperation on FAIR Data Policy and Practice
GSA 2022 Denver, USA 9-12 Oct 2022 Talk Toward a global network of interoperable geoanalytical data resources - the OneGeochemistry initiative
GeoMinKöln 2022 Cologne, DE 11-15 Sep 2022 Talk OneGeochemistry: Paving the way to true Interoperability in Geochemistry Data
Goldschmidt 2022, Honolulu, USA 10-15 Jul 2022 Workshop Standards for the Publication of Geochemical Data - Fostering the Conversation
Workshop Earth Science meets Data Science: what are our needs for geochemical data, services and analytical capabilities in the 21st century? slides
Session Modern Geochemical Data Systems, Modelling Platforms and Data Standards: creating new opportunities to address scientific problems
SciDataCon-IDW 2022, Seoul, KR 20-23 Jun 2022 Session Mapping the Global Landscape of Geochemistry Initiatives and Databases
Session WorldFAIR - Global cooperation on FAIR data policy and practice
EGU 2022 23-27 May 2022 Session Making Geoanalytical Data FAIR:Managing Data from Field to Laboratory to Archive to Publication
Great Debate Where is my data, where did it come from and how was it obtained? Improving Access to Geoanalytical Research Data recording
AGU 2021 13-17 Dec 2021 Talk The Future of X-informatics Lies in Collaborative Convergence: an Exemplar from the Global Global OneGeochemistry Initiative
Virtual SciDataCon 2021 21-Oct-21 Session The OneGeochemistry Initiative: Mobilising a Global Network of FAIR Geochemical Data to Support Research into the Grand Challenge of an Environmentally Sustainable Future slides
eResearch Australasia 2021 11-15 Oct 2021 Talk OneGeochemistry: a Proposed International Framework to Enable Online Interchange of Globally Distributed Geochemical Data  slides
GeoKarlsruhe 2021, Karlsruhe, DE 19-24 Sep 2021 Talk OneGeochemistry: Enabling a coordinated online global network of multiple distributed geochemical repositories and databases slides
Goldschmidt 2021 4-6 Jul 2021 Talk Open Access Beyond Publications: Data, Software, Samples
Talk OneGeochemistry: Creating a Global Network of Geochemical Data to Support the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
EGU 2021 19-30 Apr 2021 Splinter meeting OneGeochemistry - An International Initiative to Establish Data Standards for Geochemistry
Session Managing Geochemical Data from Field to Lab to Publication to Archive
Abstract Managing Open and Fair Data in Geochemistry: Where are we a decade after the Editors Roundtable?
Goldschmidt 2020 21-26 Jun 2020 Talk OneGeochemistry: Creating a Global FAIR-Way to Access and Share Geochemistry Data
CODATA 2019 01-Sep-19 Talk OneGeochemistry: Towards an Interoperable Global Network of FAIR Geochemical Data slides
AGU Fall Meeting 2019 01-Dec-19 Town Hall OneGeochemistry: Toward a Global Network of Geochemical Data