OneGeochemistry is an international collaboration of organisations that support geochemistry capability and data production. Our focus is to better coordinate global efforts in geochemical data standardisation, facilitate communication between groups and lessen duplication of efforts.

It is our mission to advance geoscientific knowledge and discoveries by building and maintaining consensus-driven standards that make geochemistry research data globally findable and accessible, and truly interoperable and reusable to both humans and machines. OneGeochemistry seeks to create a global geochemical data network that facilitates and promotes data discovery and access through coordination and collaboration among international geochemical data providers.

Since December 2022, OneGeochemistry is acting as a CODATA Working Group under the International Science Council to bring together the disparate geochemistry initiatives across Scientific Unions, Associations, Societies and Commissions.

“We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately”.
Benjamin Franklin

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The following international geo- and cosmochemical societies have endorsed OneGeochemistry as the trusted international initiative tasked with bringing together the community and coordinate global efforts in geochemical data standardisation.

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Predominantly a voluntary effort, the OneGeochemistry initiative is currently run through a working group of the International Science Council’s Committee on DATA (CODATA) and receives a small amount of funding through the Horizon Europe project ‘WorldFAIR’ and from AuScope. Most OneGeochemistry activities are directly supported by the participating national and international data systems.